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Planning  Members & Roles

Ainsley Leween

Ainsley Leween, Coordinator

Delores Maracle-Whalen_edited_edited.jpg

Delores Maracle-Whalen, Historical Lead

Melissa "Moch" Maracle

Melissa "Moch" Maracle, Line Up Coordinator

Jennifer "Coon" Maracle

Jennifer "Coon" Maracle, Indigenous Educator

Callie Hill

Callie Hill, Social Coordinator

Trevor Brant

Trevor Brant, Grounds Coordinator/Treasurer

Julie Brant

Julie Brant, Treasurer

Lynda  0_edited_edited.jpg

Lynda Leween, Gate Coordinator

Wood Panel
Curtis Maracle

Curtis Maracle, Grounds


Cheryle "Buck" Maracle, Vendor Coordinator

Melissa E Maracle.jpg

Melissa E Maracle, Secretary

IGabe Doreen

Gabe Doreen, Line Up Lead


Kim English, Volunteer Coordinator

Chris Brant_edited_edited.jpg

Chris "Hockey" Brant, TMC Represntative


Haley Carron, Media Relations

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